Hawai‘i Community Liaison

Karey Kapoi


Karey Kapoi is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in developing community-centric programs that enhance health, awareness, and quality of life. Her leadership roles have ranged from serving as the Transportation Lead for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) to Chief Communications Officer for the Maui Region and Neighbor Island Regional Director for the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA). In these capacities, she has excelled in guiding organizations through periods of transition and change, orchestrating large-scale logistical solutions, and forging impactful in-community partnerships. Karey’s diverse expertise and commitment to community improvement make her an invaluable asset in initiatives aimed at achieving lasting social impact.

Founded on Maui, the 10-member KKL team is focused on a mission of strengthening their community through engagement, education and advocacy. They are equipped to facilitate collaboration between public, private and community entities to improve opportunity and access for residents. They aspire to be bridge builders for growth and healing whenever possible.

KKL is in the business of community. Team members embrace shared values of believing in people and their inherent responsibility to loved ones, neighbors and place. They find common ground through their shared values, identify areas of consensus, and work to drive change together. This team centers its work on what it cares about:

  • Our work helps to create opportunities for others.
  • Our approach is place-based and people-centric.
  • We enter as guests upon invitation, and as such, our main functions are to listen and learn.
  • We believe in our shared responsibility to protect and lift up the most vulnerable among us through education, engagement and partnership.
  • We encourage new ideas, improved institutions and collaborative intent.

KKL works with businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations across the state, providing strategy and implementation support to meet their objectives. The team has worked across industries that include: housing, healthcare, education, and government. It provides expertise in communication, strategy and change management, with community outreach experience throughout the state of Hawaiʻi. It supports improved working relationships between organizations and their community by articulating shared goals and objectives. It also creates strategic plans for long-term improvement of organizations, their partners and their community.