Hawai‘i is like no other place on earth.

It stands alone as a U.S. state surrounded by ocean waters and spread across an archipelago. It has a distinctive history, rich mosaic of people and unique indigenous culture and language.

The work of shaping a system of governance for Hawai‘i tourism must be sensitive to these differences.

The work of a creating a Governance Study for the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority is founded on these principles:

  • A place is a living system, where a community of people co-exist with a bioregion.
  • The needs of residents are at least as important as those of visitors.
  • There are many ways to create benefits from tourism beyond the obvious economic ones.
  • Local communities and cultures are vital to the identity of a place.
  • The concept of community can be broad enough to encompass all of those who care about a place, including visitors.
  • A primary purpose of marketing and branding is to make a positive impact on a place while defining its spirit and setting it apart from any other place on earth.