Project Team

In support of Hawai‘i’s efforts to reimagine tourism as a regenerative force, Better Destinations has assembled a team of experts committed to advancing destination stewardship and regenerative tourism. Our team also brings deep research capabilities as well as global experience and expertise in shaping tourism management strategies, effective organizational structures and collaborations, systems change, and mission expansion.

This first-time partnership of leading tourism organizations also includes Hawai‘i-based experts who are deeply and personally acquainted with Hawai‘i’s culture and communities and have close working relationships and insight into the Hawai‘i Legislature and the State’s executive branch.

Project Lead

Cathy Ritter

Founder & CEO

Project Co-Lead

Elke Dens


Chief Strategist

Frank Cuypers


Research Lead

Denise Miller

Executive Vice President Strategic Marketing and Research Insights

Hawai‘i Community Liaison

Karey Kapoi


Hawai‘i Legal Lead

Jason Economou


Economou Law & Consulting LLLC